GetMe Ride provides safe, reliable transportation

Getme Ride was founded by Michael Broome. He discovered that every time he traveled to the Bahamas, it was difficult to get a cab. On top of that, it was very expensive.

With Getme Ride there are no more phone calls. With one click of the app, you can go anywhere with one of our trusted drivers. And you don’t have to worry about surprised pricing. You will know how much, you are paying at the beginning of your journey.

Getme Ride is only the one, of the many services we hope to provide throughout the Caribbean. Stay tuned for more to come.

No more phone calls, no more scheduling a ride, from your hotel or Airport, download, create an account and begin. Now you have the control at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Knowing that you have a certified Getme Driver, that someone, that will take care of you. From the beginning of the ride, till the dropoff, you'll be able to track your driver and your destination, with our GPS technology, so that you can enjoy the ride.

Let us take care of you.

our team

Michael Broome

Founder & CEO

Karen A. Davis

Business Development Manager

Berdens Julceus


Alvis Wilson Senior

Vice President of Sales